Fantastically real. Belgian modern art from Ensor to Magritte at Kunsthalle München

The Kunsthalle München is showcasing masterpieces of Belgian modern art from circa 1860 to 1960. With some 130 paintings, graphic works and sculptures from the collection of KMSKA, the exhibition illustrates how the art of this period constantly re-explored the boundaries between fantasy and reality. It highlighted both the unpretentious reality of everyday life and the secrets and mysteries that lie beyond the visible world. The exhibition, which runs from 15 October 2021 until 6 March 2022, traces the specific path taken by Belgian art, from realistic scenes of ordinary people and atmospheric landscapes to James Ensor’s fantastic masquerades, through to the surreal worlds of Paul Delvaux and René Magritte. In addition to major names such as these, the roughly 40 artists in the exhibition include numerous painters like Eugène Laermans, Constant Permeke and Rik Wouters. The exhibition is divided into ten sections, tracing the development of art from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, contextualising the works against their cultural and socio-historical backgrounds.
Henri Leys, After Mass
Henri Leys, After Mass, 1866, KMSKA, 60,8 × 91,8 cm - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Alfred Stevens, The Parisian Sphinx
Alfred Stevens, The Parisian Sphinx, 1875-1877, KMSKA, oil on canvas, 72 cm x 52 cm, inv. 1373 - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Henry van de Velde, Woman at the Window
Henry van de Velde, Woman at the Window, 1889, KMSKA, oil on canvas, 113,5 × 135 cm - © Sabam Belgium 2021, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Constantin Meunier, Fisherman from Ostend
Constantin Meunier, Fisherman from Ostend, 1885, KMSKA - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Xavier Mellery, The staircase
Xavier Mellery, The staircase, 1889, KMSKA, black and red chalk on paper, 59 × 46 cm - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Léon Spilliaert, Self portrait
Léon Spilliaert, Self portrait, 1915, KMSKA, watercolor and black chalk on paper, 35,3 × 23,2 cm - CCO, photo d/arch
Frits van den Berghe, Blooming Tree
Frits van den Berghe, Blooming Tree, 1930, KMSKA, oil on canvas, 146,4 × 115 cm - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
Rik Wouters, Woman Reading
Rik Wouters, Woman Reading, 1913, KMSKA, 62 × 51 × 7 cm, inv. 3292 - CC0, image, photo Hugo Maertens
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René Magritte, The Revenge
René Magritte, The Revenge, 1938 or 1939, KMSKA, 47 × 35 cm, watercolour on paper - © Succession René Magritte - SABAM Belgium 2021, foto Hugo Maertens
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