The Last Judgement

Public Domain

Artist(s) / maker(s)

Pieter I van der Borcht (after)
Johannes Baptista I Vrints (engravers (printmakers))

More about this work

Artist(s) / maker(s) Pieter I van der Borcht VIAF RKD Wikidata, Johannes Baptista I Vrints VIAF RKD
Types burin engraving , etching , reproductive prints AAT
Category prints (visual works) AAT
Material paper
Dimensions 281 x 183 mm
Location Work currently not on display
Object number 2014-Q
Subject religious symbolism AAT
Tags New Testament Iconclass, Last Judgement (as one of the Four Last Things) Iconclass, Last Judgement Iconclass, comprehensive representation of Last Judgement: Christ (with sword and lily), often surrounded by elders and sometimes accompanied by Mary and John the Baptist, appears in the sky with trumpeting angels (and sometimes angels holding the instruments of the Passion); after the resurrection of the dead the blessed are led to heaven by angels, and the damned are dragged into hell by devils Iconclass, Christ Iconclass, the Virgin Mary Iconclass, John the Baptist; possible attributes: book, reed cross, baptismal cup, honeycomb, lamb, staff Iconclass, angels Iconclass, division of the blessed and the damned ~ Last Judgement Iconclass, symbols of Last Judgement Iconclass, horn, trumpet, cornet, trombone, tuba Iconclass, grave, tomb and other grave-forms and grave-markers Iconclass, 'Majestas Domini': Christ in mandorla seated on a rainbow or sphere and accompanied by the Tetramorph Iconclass, male sex; man Iconclass, sitting figure Iconclass, female sex; woman Iconclass, the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa) Iconclass, the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa) - AA - female human figure Iconclass, human-shaped devil Iconclass, devil or demons attacking mortals Iconclass, activities of devil(s) Iconclass, symbols of hell (+ devil(s)) Iconclass, the apostle John the Evangelist; possible attributes: book, cauldron, chalice with snake, eagle, palm, scroll Iconclass, St. Luke writing his gospel, usually a (winged) ox present Iconclass, Mark (Marcus) the evangelist, and bishop of Alexandria; possible attributes: book, (winged) lion, pen and inkhorn, scroll Iconclass, the apostle and evangelist Matthew (Mattheus); possible attributes: angel, axe, book, halberd, pen and inkhorn, purse, scroll, square, sword Iconclass, rainbow Iconclass, saints Iconclass, female saints Iconclass, art (+ copy, copying ~ work of art) Iconclass
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