The Baths at Ostend

Public Domain

Artist / maker

James Ensor (painters (artists))




19th century

More about this work

Artist / maker James Ensor VIAF RKD Wikidata
Type etching AAT
Category prints (visual works) AAT
Material paper AAT
Dimensions 213 x 650 x 22 mm
Location Work currently not on display
Object number 1998-B-115
Subjects fantastic art AAT , landscapes AAT
Tags names of cities and villages (OSTEND) Iconclass, sea (seascape) Iconclass, sea (NORTH SEA) Iconclass, landscapes in the temperate zone Iconclass, landscapes with waters, waterscapes, seascapes (in the temperate zone) Iconclass, coast Iconclass, beach Iconclass, beach (as place of recreation) Iconclass, wave Iconclass, passenger carriage (+ types and use of conveyance) Iconclass, four-wheeled, animal-drawn vehicle, e.g.: cab, carriage, coach Iconclass, crowd, mob Iconclass, bathing (movement in water) Iconclass, bathing (movement in water) - AA - female human figure Iconclass, swimming (movement in water) Iconclass, swimming (movement in water) - AA - female human figure Iconclass, floating (movement in water) Iconclass, floating (movement in water) - AA - female human figure Iconclass, diving (movement in water) Iconclass, diving (movement in water) - AA - female human figure Iconclass, trousers, breeches, etc. (BATHING SUIT) Iconclass, in or beside the water (on the beach) Iconclass, Waiting, Watching Iconclass, binoculars, spy-glass, etc. Iconclass, walking-stick, staff, cane Iconclass, (lovers) kissing each other Iconclass, priest (Roman Catholic) Iconclass, female sex; woman Iconclass, light Iconclass, natural light Iconclass, sunlight Iconclass, sunbeams Iconclass, boat propelled by man or animal Iconclass, sea and coastal fishery Iconclass, commercial fishery Iconclass, sailing-ship, sailing-boat Iconclass, steamship, motorship Iconclass
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