Allegory of Benevolence

Public Domain

Artist / maker

Benjamin Sammelins (attributed to)




16th century

More about this work

Artist / maker Benjamin Sammelins VIAF RKD Wikidata
Type oil paintings (visual works) AAT
Category paintings (visual works) AAT
Materials oil paint , panel
Dimensions 78.4 x 108.4 cm
Location Work on display
Object number 1922-C
Subjects symbolism (artistic concept) , allegory (artistic device) AAT, landscapes
Tags the book of Proverbs Iconclass, the book of Proverbs (BENEVOLENTIA) Iconclass, inscription Iconclass, male sex; man Iconclass, adult man Iconclass, female sex; woman Iconclass, adult woman Iconclass, child Iconclass, boy (child between toddler and youth) Iconclass, Youth, Adolescence, 'Iuventus'; 'Adolescenza', 'Gioventu' (Ripa) Iconclass, chest, bust Iconclass, shoes, sandals Iconclass, the soldier; the soldier's life Iconclass, diadem, tiara Iconclass, bread, loaf Iconclass, fruit Iconclass, grape Iconclass, fruits: fig Iconclass, hand Iconclass, clothes, costume Iconclass, head-gear Iconclass, head-gear: boater Iconclass, landscapes in the temperate zone Iconclass, prospect of village, silhouette of village Iconclass, village Iconclass, church (exterior) Iconclass, city-view, and landscape with man-made constructions Iconclass, housing Iconclass, civic architecture; edifices; dwellings Iconclass, urban housing Iconclass, plants (in general) Iconclass, trees Iconclass, groups of trees Iconclass, bridge Iconclass, brook Iconclass, farm (building) Iconclass, riding a horse, ass, or mule; rider, horseman Iconclass, agriculture Iconclass, cereal, grain, corn (grass with grains, grown for food, e.g.: wheat, rice, rye, oats, maize, buckwheat, millet) Iconclass, ears of corn Iconclass, harvest Iconclass, reaping, picking, mowing ~ harvest Iconclass, binding ~ harvest Iconclass, sheaf Iconclass, stocking (on the field) Iconclass, hay-wagon Iconclass, agricultural implements: scythe Iconclass
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